about me & Equipment 

about me

my name is Patrick Jucker

I'm a well-equipped mobile videographer. 
From the concept to completion.
I am happy to advise you and implement the project.
 I don’t do this full time.

what does mobile videography actually means?

this means that all shots are produced with a smartphone or drone camera. but of course with additional equipment.

 because of that reason, it’s affordable for everyone
(most of the footage is in 4k 3840x2160 150Mbps)

all my videography and filmmaking knowledge has been acquired from the internet, youtube, friends and learning by doing. I’m really entusiastic, creative and motivated to learn something new every day. i allways put a lot of effort in to my projects and try my best to get the most out of the contents. 

because it is my passion.

in the end, most of us want to creat or have something to tell.

 if i can support you, to get the attention you deserve.

that’s what makes me happy.

check out my project and pictures i have made and if you interested in a cooperation, feel free to contact me.

Languages :
swissgerman / german / english 


smartphone equipment gimbal lenses iphone

some of my smarthphone equipment

 iPhone 12 Pro Max, Gimbal, various lenses, ND and CIR-PL Filters, Microphone, various LED light and Tripods


drone dji mavic 2 pro

my drone equipment  

dji mavic 2 pro & ND filters 

GVM-1000 Pro 45W Bi-Color & RGB

my light equipment  

GVM-1000 D
45W Bi-Color & RGB